Parent Resources

Additional On-line Parent Resources:
A guide for Texas parents and caregivers of children with diagnosed or suspected disabilities from birth through 5 years of age.

The Legal Framework
 is a statewide leadership project partnering with the Texas Education Agency and the Region 18 Education Service Center. The project which includes contacts from each educational service center is a compilation of state and federal requirements for special education organized by topic in a user-friendly format. 

This site is specifically for educators, but, also contains resources that are helpful for parents. Additionally, The National Autism Center website also provides valuable information. 
ECI is a statewide program for families with children, birth to three, with disabilities and developmental delays.
This is a guide for a student who may have received special education services due to a disability in a Texas Public School.  It also provides helpful information for the parents to ensure the student is able to find the right work or educational choices after high school. 
The Parent Coordination Network is committed to ensuring that parents of students with disabilities receive accurate and timely information to assist in making informed choices in their children's education.
For guidance on Special Education Terminology please see the  "Glossary of Special Education Terms" document below. 
On-line / Area Resources
The Arc of Beaumont supports people with intellectual and development disabilities (IDD), parents and other family members, and friends of people with IDD and professionals who work with them.