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Mission Statement
The West Orange – Cove CISD Education Foundation will partner with the community to enrich teaching, inspire learning and maximize innovative opportunities for students in the West Orange – Cove Consolidated Independent School District by providing funding for educational opportunities not normally available through or from traditional funding sources.
• To provide innovative learning opportunities for students that would not be funded through the traditional district budget;
• To support teacher generated initiatives that will enhance students’ understanding and love of science, math, reading and the arts;
• To recognize exemplary and innovative teaching; and
• To partner with the community in promoting and developing quality education for students of WOCCISD, the leader and workers of tomorrow.
Since the WOCCISD Education Foundation began awarding grants in 2011, 50 grants in excess of $110,000 have been awarded to classroom teachers in the WOCCISD school system.
Inspired by the life of Eva Bready, whose love of learning and innovative and dedicated teaching prepared a generation of students to excel, and by the life of Gerry Bready, whose career in math and science enriched his community, the West Orange – Cove CISD Education Foundation seeks to ensure the success of future generations of students and allow them to experience the wonder and exploration of science, math and other academic disciplines.
About Us
The West Orange – Cove CISD Education Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) public corporation which meets quarterly. The Foundation will accept gifts of cash, checks, property, insurance, and will bequests, as well as in-kind products and services.
All donations can be sent to:
WOCCISD Education Foundation
P.O. Box 1107
Orange, TX 77631

For more information, please contact:
WOCCISD Education Foundation
2023-2024 Board of Directors
Krispen Walker Interim President
Ruth Hancock
Vice President
LaTricia Stroud Secretary
Margaret Adams Treasurer
Doug Bready Board Member
Lois Bready Board Member
Jerry Vandervort Board Member
Beverly Robinson Board Member
Brandy Robertson Board Member
Ex Officio
Dr. Rickie R. Harris
Dr. Nina LeBlanc
Linda Platt-Bryant
Dawn Martin
Grant Committee
Krispen Walker
Margaret Adams
LaTricia Stroud
Lois Bready
Linda Platt-Bryant
Beverly Robinson
Fundraising Committee
Ruth Hancock
LaTricia Stroud
Beverly Robinson
Rickie Harris
Dawn Martin
Additional Information
  • Foundation awards 10 grants to teachers and campuses; receives donation from Chevron Phillips 
    WOCCISD Education Foundation President Krispen Walker said, “On August 20, 2019, the WOCCISD Education Foundation was honored to present 10 grant awards totaling just over $24,000 to the worthy educators in our district.  This year, our eighth time to present awards, we were able to fund every grant request that was submitted.  Since 2011, the WOCCISD Education Foundation has awarded approximately $152,000 to educators across the district.  We are grateful to Chevron Phillips for their donation of $5000, which will be used to fund STEM related grants. 

  • $10,000 STEM Grant awarded, funded by Chevron Phillips Chemical Company
    The WOCCISD Education Foundation awarded a $10,000 STEM grant to West Orange – Stark Elementary School during a special end of year program. It will provide funding for a portable planetarium dome which will benefit the entire student body, approximately 1100 students. All subject area educators on the campus will be able to utilize the dome to enhance how information is delivered to students. (See related press release:  STEM Grant Awarded_2018)
  • 2016-2017 Innovative Grants Awarded
    Nine grants were presented at three West Orange – Cove campuses by the West Orange – Cove Education Foundation. This is the sixth consecutive year for the foundation to present teachers with the grant awards. Grants totaled over $8700. (See related press release: Grant Awards_2017)
  • 2015-2016 Innovative Grants Awarded
    Six teachers at West Orange – Stark Elementary and West Orange – Stark High Schools were surprised today by the presentation of more than $20,000 in grants by the West Orange – Cove Education Foundation. (See related press release on this page; Grant Awards_2016.pdf).
  • 2013-2014 Innovative Grants Awarded
    A total of eight grants were presented to teachers at North Early Learning Center, West Orange – Stark Elementary, West Orange – Stark Middle, and West Orange – Stark High Schools. 2014 West Orange – Cove CISD Education Foundation grants totaled $21,604.34. (See related press release on this page; Grant Awards_2014.pdf).
  • 2012-2013 Innovative Grants Awarded
    The WOCCISD Education Foundation surprised teachers at five different WOCCISD campuses with grant awards for innovative teacher. A total of 11 grants were presented, totaling more than $24,000. (See related press release on this page; Grant Awards_2013.pdf).
  • 2011-2012 Grant Awards Presented
    The West Orange - Cove Education Foundation distributed over $26,000 in grant awards in January 2012. Note that one grant was provided with additional funding to increase actual awards to over $27,000. (See related press release on this page; Grant Awards_2012.pdf).
  • Summer 2011 Education Foundation Newsletter
    Please see this exciting document for photos and follow-up stories about 2011 grant awards (newsletter.pdf).
  • 2010-2011 Grant Awards Presented
    The West Orange - Cove Education Foundation distributed over $17,000 in grants awards in January 2011. A press release with grant award information is available for viewing on this site (See related press release on this page;Grant Awards_2011.pdf).
  • For More Information
    Please download a copy of the WOCCISD Education Foundation brochure. It is available on this website (EDfound.pdf).
  • Official WOCCISD Education Foundation Website
    A West Orange - Cove CISD Education Foundation website is currently under construction. A direct link to the site will be included on this page once construction is complete.