West Orange-Cove Consolidated Independent School District

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The West Orange - Cove CISD "Team of Eight" is comprised of School Trustees and Superintendent Rickie Harris. They are pictured: (seated) Linda Platt-Bryant, Ruth Hancock, Sarah Jefferson Simon; (standing) John H. Gray, Jr., Tony Dallas, Roderick Robertson, Demetrius Hunter, and WOC Superintendent Rickie Harris.

Trustee Election


The WO-C CISD has seven trustees serving staggered terms of three years. State law provides that a trustee election shall be held in May of each year for the purpose of electing trustees to vacancies that occur due to the expiration of the term of office of incumbents.

WO-C holds an at-large election with two or three seats on the ballot, with the recipients of the most votes earning election.


Qualifications for office are to be a qualified (registered) voter, take the official oath of office, service without compensation, and have lived in the state for 12 months and the district for six months.

 Linda Platt-Bryant, Secretary
Ruth Hancock
Sarah Jefferson Simon
Linda Platt-Bryant

Tony Dallas John H. Gray, Jr. Demetrius Hunter
 Roderick Robertson    
Roderick Robertson