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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if my child is eligible for transportation?
A: Students must live more than 2 mile from the school they are zoned to attend to be eligible for transportation. There are many ways to measure distance.  For the purpose of determining eligibility, the distance measurement will be made along the shortest path using public roads from the edge of the driveway of the prospective rider to the closest driveway or pedestrian walkway entrance of the school. Please note that commercial mapping systems such as Google maps and MapQuest may not be able to accurately measure distances less than 2 mile.
Q: Who do I call if the bus does not arrive to pickup my child on time?
A: Your child should be at their bus stop 10 minutes prior to the schedule arrival time. If the bus is 10 to 15 minutes late please contact Transportation @ 409-882-5422.
Q: Can my child be pickup at my front door?
A: Only children whose needs are addressed through an Individualize Education Program (IEP) plan are eligible for front door service.
Q: Who do I report address changes to?
A: All address changes need to be reported to the Campus the student attends. The Campus will notify
Transportation of these changes.
Q: Questions about a bus stop location or pickup/drop off time. Who should I call?
A: Questions about bus stop locations should be made through the Transportation Department @ 409-882-5422.
Q: What happens to students 8 years and under if there is not an adult at the bus stop to receive that child?
A: If there is not an adult present at time of drop off for students 8 and under the driver is required to return the student to their Campus.
Q: What if I want my child to get off the bus at another address other than my house?
A: Drivers are only allowed to drop student at Home address, Grandparents, and Licensed Day Care facility.