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West Orange-Cove Consolidated Independent School District

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High School students encouraged to take Summer Challenge

Don’t Fear Shakespeare!

Summer Shakespeare Challenge 2018

WO-S High School English Department

We challenge you this summer to build your reading fluency, expand your vocabulary, and enhance your understanding of the world and its diversity.

This is a challenge, not a required assignment. There will be no punitive measures, but we would like to see you invest in your own future success. Studies have repeatedly shown that reading is the fastest and best way to build academic success across the curriculum. It aids in understanding, it aids in helping build connections, and it helps in mastering challenging material.

This summer, we challenge you to tackle Shakespeare. Shakespeare has maintained popularity through the ages because his material speaks to the human condition.

This summer we challenge YOU:

  1. Read at least one major work by William Shakespeare. Use Sparknotes online to aid in your understanding.
  2. Find one quote by William Shakespeare that you feel speaks to you, that you could even use as your own motto.
  3. Look at some of Shakespeare’s poetry, compare it to some of your favorite musical artists.
  4. Look for allusions (references outside of literary text) to William Shakespeare and his characters. You may be surprised how often you see it in T.V., Film, and even video games, once you are aware of it.

*Most importantly, remember, this is an exercise for you. To help you.

Don’t Fear Shakespeare!