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School Health Advisory Council

FAQs for School Health Advisory Council


  1. Q: What is SHAC?


A: SHAC is a mandated (law) advisory council comprised of individuals who represent segments of the community. The group works collectively to provide advice to WOCCISD on aspects of the school district’s health plan.


  1. Q: Why do we need a SHAC?

   A:      It’s Texas law.

             Healthy children learn better.

             Schools play an important role in teaching healthy habits.

             Healthy homes and healthy schools support healthy lifestyles.


  1. Q: What is included in a School Health plan?
  2. A: There are 8 areas or components. The SHAC plays a variety of roles in addressing all components of a school-wide health program. The components are:
    1. Family/Community Involvement
    2. Nutrition Services
    3. Physical Education
    4. Health Education
    5. Counseling, Psychological Services
    6. Health Services
    7. Healthy School Environment
    8. Health Promotion for School Staff


  1. Q: What can I do to help?

A:        Join PTA and other organizations at your child’s school

            Actively support district initiatives to create a healthy school environment

            Attend SHAC meetings




Individuals interested in participating on the School Health Advisory Council are invited to contact the West Orange - Cove CISD Federal Programs Department.