Child Nutrition Services » WOCCISD Emergency Meal Policy

WOCCISD Emergency Meal Policy

Grade Levels:  (Kindergarten- 12th grade)  will  not be eligible to charge meals to their student accounts. They will however be offered an emergency meal.
Meals: The emergency meals policy applies to reimbursable lunch and breakfast meals only. 

Students will not be able to purchase ala carte items if they are receiving an  emergency meal.

The School Nutrition Services Department wants to:
  • Feed all students.
  • Make sure that every student has a completed meal application on file.
  • Ensure it is common knowledge that parents are responsible to pay for all meals eaten until their student is approved for free and/or reduced priced meals.  Help campuses to put students on emergency free, if necessary.
  • Notify families whose students have unpaid meal charges.  Phone calls and/or letters from the school staff and/or school nutrition services campus staff.
  • Seek principal intervention for students that continue to incur a balance, but has no application on file.  Principals or designees can complete an application for students that they have reason to believe should be on the free meal program, but the family has failed to complete an application.

Policy:  A student will be allowed to eat (3) consecutive emergency meals in which they will receive a choice of a cheese sandwich or sun butter & jelly sandwich.  Breakfast will be a choice of cheese toast or sun butter & jelly sandwich.
                                           Reduced Breakfast FREE                     Reduced Lunch Meals FREE
                                              Paid Breakfast FREE                             Paid Lunch Meals FREE
                                              Adult Breakfast $2.75                            Adult Lunch Meals $5.00